Originally published on LinkedIn by Joern Keller, October 18, 2021

We in SAP S/4HANA Consumer Industries Cloud are thrilled to announce the release of SAP Order Management foundation to the market.

SAP Order Management foundation is a cloud-native order orchestration service that provides a centralized view of an order, allowing retailers to route orders from any sales channel into multiple fulfilment systems. …

Published on LinkedIn October 5, 2021

Great news! We are excited to announce the release of one of SAP’s latest Industry Cloud solutions: SAP Intelligent Returns Management

SAP Intelligent Returns Management is an innovative, AI-based returns optimization solution that helps omni-channel retailers simplify the returns process and make intelligent data-based decisions on how to handle returned goods. …

A blog post by Kelsey Li

The “New Era” in the Fragrance Industry

The scent is considered to be one of the most mysterious senses and the fragrance industry has been dedicated to replicating the natural smell to serve the consumer’s olfactory appetite. However, the consumer group which led the…

Learning to Tackle the Challenge

A blog post by Nora Devlin

With any application, maintaining a consistent and user-friendly user interface (UI) is essential. This is especially crucial for pages and components the user interacts with across the application; the user’s experience should be identical and seamless. Even with uniform mockups and guidance from User…

A blogpost by Master Student, Janis Schacht
in collaboration with Dr. Andreas Huppert

The concept behind the Digital Twin is fairly simple.

Generally speaking, a Digital Twin consists of a physical object or system and a digital counterpart. These two parts are connected, the physical object or system shares its data with the digital copy. This concept was first described in 2002. The idea behind that concept is much older, it can…

Laura Marwood

COO Office & Communications @ SAP S/4HANA Consumer Industries Cloud

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